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WOPs and Financial Linkages - Leveraging Peer Partnerships for Greater Impact

13 speakers

About the session

Languages: EN, FR, SP

Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) are a well-known and proven approach for capacity building and performance strengthening through long-term partnerships. The impact of a WOP can be multiplied when accompanied by necessary investments, and in turn, investments have a better chance to achieve their development goals when accompanied by WOPs. This session will therefore discuss the potential of WOPs to support not only the mobilization of needed finance, but also the added value of WOPs in maximizing the impact of utility investments. Insights from investors and WOPs funders will help to understand their expectations of WOPs and discuss how WOPs might be better embedded in the project cycle of investments.

WOPs that support performance improvements, for example reducing NRW or boosting HR management, improve a utility's cash flows and ultimately improve their creditworthiness. The session will also feature WOPs from different countries where mentors have supported mentee utilities in defining long-term investment plans, preparing projects documents, fine-tuning concept notes, and supporting utilities in in the dialogue with potential financiers and applying to grants and donor funds.

Agenda :

Andre Dzikus, Chief Urban Basic Services, UN-Habitat

Antoon Blookland, BBO ltd.

A Brief Insight into WOPs Funding and Linking WOPs with Financial Activities

Carlos Diaz, Senior Consultant, CD Consultancy

Perspectives on WOPs contributing to Development Goals

Christopher Wenzel, Senior Policy Officer, WASH Sector Division, BMZ

Corinne Cathala, Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist, IADB

Danielle Pedi, Deputy Director, Global Growth and Opportunity Division, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WSH), BMGF

Yasmina Ferrer, Jefa de Área de Agua y Saneamiento, AECID

WOP-case interview: A WOP in Tanzania supporting Financial Linkages

Reinder van den Brink-Bil, Program Manager, VEI

Panel discussion on Perspectives on Linking WOPs with Financial Activities
Danielle Pedi, Senior Program Officer, BMGF
Darren Moens, Executive, Capital Raising & Business Development, Climate Fund Managers
Jörg Dux, Head of Division, KfW German Financial Cooperation
Natalia Gullón, Technical Advisor Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation, AECID
Thomas van Gilst, Head, Water Security and Resilience Division, European Investment Bank
Wrap up and closing