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Leapfrogging or treading water? Utilities picking up the pace at the water-energy-food nexus

11 speakers

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Languages: EN, FR, SP

This session will look at examples of the ‘circular economy’ paradigm being adopted by water and sanitation operators in different contexts. Worldwide water operators have been implementing wastewater reclamation. A host of technological options from “high” to “low” tech and centralized to decentralized technologies exists, but most are yet to be tested. Still, a host of technical, socio-cultural, economic, governance, financial instruments etc. need to be understood. As such, water reclamation with integrated resource recovery can be a key element in enhancing water, energy and food security. Further, visualizing revenue streams emerging from this process can form the basis for an innovative governance model geared towards more effective resource management and supporting resilience and transition to a circular economy. It will discuss how the imperative to reduce and reuse water and related energy and material resources is changing water and sanitation utilities’ modus operandi - their economic models, structure, governance and collaborations. The session will explore the challenges and opportunities for leaping forward. 
Agenda :
Welcome and Introduction to the session
Mr. Saravanan.V.S, Bonn Water Network

1st. Sub-session: Innovative Approaches on Water Reclamation and integrated Resource Recovery
Moderator: Dr. Josiane Nikiema, IWMI-Ghana

Innovative wastewater reuse models: insights from a compendium of empirical cases in developing countries
Dr. Solomie Gebrezgabhe, Researcher, International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

Applying the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Approach to Climate-Resilient Water Safety Planning – Lessons from Leh Town, India.
MSc. Natalie Páez Curtidor, Research Assistant, Technical University of Munich

Making non-sewered sanitation options work for small towns: Case of Alleppey, India
Dr. N.C. Narayanan, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Adaptation capacities and conflict potentials of rural actors in introducing water reclamation and circular economy in the Fès-Meknès Region, Morocco Dr. Birgit Kemmerling, Senior Researcher, BICC

2nd Sub-Session: Water Reclamation in Urbanizing Settings: View from Water Operators
Moderator: Mr. Saravanan.V.S, Bonn Water Network
Case study from Kumasi
Mr. Ossei Assibey Bonsu, Deputy Sanitation Engineer, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Structuring Public Private Partnerships for Sewage Treatment and 85% Industrial Re-use in Udaipur, India
Mr. Manas Rath, Senior Advisor, BORDA
Mr. Sibasish Dasgupta, Eptisa Project Manager for Smart Cities Mission, Udaipur Municipal Corporation

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