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What does Climate Resilience mean for Water and Sanitation Operators?

10 speakers

About the session

Languages: EN, FR, SP

Most water supply and sanitation systems were planned and constructed within a different climate context than today`s. To preserve the longevity of water supply and sanitation operations, as well as the safety of personnel, it is crucial to discuss, develop and integrate climate resilient practices and measures in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders. 

The objective of this session is to present and discuss what climate resilience means in practice for water and sanitation operators. Specifically, this will include topics such as the identification of system vulnerabilities through risk assessments, the planning and implementation of adaptation measures, the cross-sectoral integration at local level and the role that operators play within national level climate commitments and plans.

Agenda :
Welcome & Intro
André Dzikus, Chief of Urban Basic Services Section, UN-Habitat
John Matthews, Executive Director, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)

Too much, too little, too polluted – leveraging water and sanitation for climate resilience
Henk Ovink, Special Envoy for International Water Affairs for the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Nature-based Solutions and the Sponge City Concept
Stefan Rau, Senior Urban Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Climate resilient planning, and implementation by Water and Sanitation Operators and through Water Operators` Partnerships (WOPs)

Sonja Schlipf, Hamburg Wasser
Jose Merida Luis, OSSE Mar del Plata, Argentina
Harm van Donk, Evides, The Netherlands
Romano Radjkoemar, WWX WOP Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Mirjam van Roode, WWX WOP Nakuru, Kenya

Looking ahead to COP26 and beyond – entry points and considerations for water and sanitation operators
Rojina Manandhar, Programme Officer, Adaptation Division, UNFCCC

Panel Discussion

Wrap up & Closing

***Follow up discussion rooms – meet the experts (30 min) ***
Nature based Solutions - Stefan Rau (ADB) & Kari Davis (AGWA)
NDCs, NAPs, and Climate Finance - John Matthews (AGWA)
Climate resilient sanitation systems - Ajith Edathoot (HCU)