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How can a WOP boost your career as a water professional?

10 speakers

About the session

Languages: EN, FR, SP

This session will explore the value of WOPs for individuals working for water utilities. Capacity development is a core aspect in each WOP. Peer-to-peer interaction and tailored made training sessions with follow-up support are among the most valued avenues for CD in WOPs. . Several individuals that have participated in WOPs from mentor and mentee organizations will be interviewed. Some of the questions that will be addressed are: What has the WOP mean to me, to my daily work, to my personal and professional development? What is in it for any water professional? Besides the learning derived from the WOP day-to-day interaction between partners, the session will also explore the experience of a WOP- practitioners online community where interaction and learning can continue and intensify. The experience of an online community created in the WaterWorX WOP Programme will be shared and the newly established Global WOP online community will be presented.

Agenda :
Ms. Franziska Volk, Associate Expert, GWOPA/UN-Habitat

Introduction: Positioning individuals in WOPS
Mr. Toine Ramaker, Director, VEI

Live testimonies and discussion: Panel of WOP practitioners
Mr. Manuel Tayara, Project Officer, VEI
• Alphonsina Ntibingwa, Young Expert, Water Quality Engineer at Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority
• Rukia Selemani Yange, Water distribution network Engineer, Mwanza Water supply and Sanitation Authority
• Eyob Bekele, Young Expert, Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority
• Andrew Smith, Smart Water Strategy Manager, Anglian Water
• Patrick Kayizzi, Civil Engineer, Umbrella of Water and Sanitation, Uganda

WWX CoP experience
Mr. Reint-Jan de Blois, Senior Project Officer, VEI

Introduction to the GWOPA Community of Practitioners
Ms. Veronika Sojkova, Digital and Community Support Officer, GWOPA/UN-Habitat

Discussion and conclusions
Ms. Franziska Volk, Associate Expert,GWOPA/UN-Habitat