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The transformative journey of knowledge in a WOP, from need to impact

14 speakers

About the session

Languages: EN, FR, SP

How do specific improvement needs translate into well-functioning working routines? what is the role of knowledge? What is the role of partners? What are the typical obstacles encountered? How far can new knowledge go?
The aim of this session is to illustrate the dynamics that take place between partners in WOPs to jointly transform specific water operator needs into improved working routines. The roles of each partner, the common obstacles encountered as well as key elements observed for the knowledge journey to be successful will be addressed through the presentation of WOP cases.

Moderator –Giuliana Ferrero


Ms. María Pascual, GWOPA programme officer

A brief introduction to peer-to- peer knowledge consolidation into change process in WOPs

Ms. María Pascual, GWOPA programme officer

Experiences of peer water operators in the journey of knowledge consolidation into change

The knowledge consolidation journey in the working area Leadership. The PEWAK WOP in The Philippines

Mr. Carl Kamstra, VEI Resident Project Manager at

Knowledge consolidation journey in Borehole drilling

Mr. Dharma Ratna Chitrakar (WaterAid). ‘ Water Resources – borehole drilling

Knowledge consolidation journey in NRW reduction

Reinder van den Brik /Tumain/Reint Jan – NRW WA

Knowledge consolidation journey in climante change

Mireia Tutusaus, WOP Resident Expert and (Mr/Dr.)Francois Xavier Nshyminimana Head of Research and Development in WASAC – Climate Change WA

Knowledge consolidation journey in Asset Management

Martin Nijsse and NWSC partner

Knowledge consolidating journey in Low Income Aras

Zaituni Rehema (Nakuru Water)

Pooling exercise for audience

Open discussion/ Q&A audience

Wrap up and closing