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Innovative Asset Management for Water Utilities in South East Europe

About the session

Languages: EN (45 mins)

South-Eastern Europe includes many small to medium size water utilities separated by administrative boundaries, under pressure to improve their performance. To address these problems, an innovative approach for delivering Integrated Asset Management services is being implemented through Regional/ National Hub Centres providing capacity building to the participating water utilities. Integrated Asset Management activities include training, support and the provision of appropriate software and best-practice methodologies.The target audience could be all participants who are professionals and operators in the water sector, government institutions, donors as well as water associations.

Moderator: Oliver Nachevski, Project Manager, GIZ ORF
Dr. Georgi Hristov, Project Manager, GIZ ORF
Arbana Kola, Hub Manager, SHUKALB
Dr. Petros Kolovopoulos, Executive Director, Hydro-Comp Enterprises
Guided Q&A