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Effective Capacity Development through WOPs and Webinars During a Pandemic: Lessons from Asia

7 speakers

About the session

Languages: EN, VI, BH

The session will present two experiences from current WOPs in Asia from the standpoint of a mentee (KWASA, Bangladesh) and a mentor (MWC, Philippines); and webinars conducted during COVID lockdowns in the region.KWASA will share its experience in the conduct of a successful Zero Pressure Test implemented with online guidance from its mentor, PDMA Kota Surabaya of Indonesia despite challenges like different time zones and connectivity issues. From a mentor’s perspective, Manila Water Company will share its experience in WOP implementation via online means on 4 separate Working Areas: NRW management, Customer Service, Asset Management, and HR Development. MWC will present how they twere able to conduct WOPs support and technical guidance to mentee, DAWACO (Vietnam) despite the lack of face-to-face meetings. A third speaker from Xylem, a private sector partner of WaterLinks in the conduct of seven successful webinars on various technical subjects on digital transformation of utilities ; SMART metering and digital leak detection. Each webinar was attended by over 200 participants from various utilities in Asia. A panel composed of a representative from PDAM Surabaya, DAWACO and a Suez India will be invited to react and share their own experiences. WaterLinks will facilitate the session.

Agenda :
Moderator: Mai Flor, Executive Director, WaterLinks

Presentations on mentor/mentee experience
Kristine Jessah Guevarra, OIC Corporate Planning, Manila Water, Philippines
Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director, KWASA, Bangladesh

Digital transformation of utilities
Koh Chong Hin, Vice President and Managing Director, XYLEM, Southeast Asia, Singapore

Panel discussion
Alvin Papatria, Chief Financial Officer, PDAM Surya Sembada Kota Surayabaya, Indonesia
Le Thi Hong Van, Customer Service Dept, DAWACO, Vietnam
Dr. Sandeep Mahajan, Head, GIS& IOT, SUEZ India

Q&A session