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Advancing SDG 6.3.1 monitoring at the local level

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The SDG indicator 6.3.1 on “proportion of domestic and industrial wastewater flow safely treated” gives opportunity to draw attention to why countries ought to be compiling wastewater statistics for the benefit of providing better services for their citizens. The 2021 update on Progress on Wastewater Treatment, indicates that about 70% of the total and industrial wastewater was not treated in 2015. Only 42 countries reported statistics on wastewater generation and treatment, and 14 countries reported on industrial wastewater generation and treatment (i.e., 18% and 4% of the global population, respectively). There is in fact a lack of precise knowledge about the global volumes of wastewater generated and treated, because wastewater statistics are in an early stage of development in many countries and not regularly produced and/or reported, especially from economic and industrial activities.

Agenda :
Moderator: Florian Thevenon, Consultant, UN-Habitat

Xuan Che, Statistician, United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)
Florian Thevenon, Consultant, UN-Habitat
Richard JOHNSTON, Team Leader, World Health Organization WHO
Dimitri Katehis, Director, Regulatory Compliance, Strategy and Innovation at New York City Department of Environmental Protection